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Toronto Area Chief Building Officials Committee (TACBOC) is a voluntary association of Chief Building Officials from the 25 municipalities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Its primary purpose is:

“To serve the public interest by advancing and improving building regulations and their application within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).”

TACBOC’s Charter can be viewed by clicking here.

TACBOC History


Before TACBOC, there was the “Toronto Area Building Code Committee” (TABCC) which operated from the mid to late 1960s.  During this time, each municipality had its own Building Code (a by-law passed under the Planning Act).  TABCC consisted of the Chief Building Officials (CBOs) from the six municipalities of Metropolitan Toronto - East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto and York.  They were responsible for making or suggesting changes to the Toronto Area Building Code.  Clare Carruthers was the one and only Chairperson of this committee.  John Ruane (City of Toronto) was the Secretary followed by Yaman Uzumeri (North York).

TABCC established a ‘Materials Approval and Code Interpretations Committee’ (MACIC) on March 28, 1968, that consisted of the Metropolitan CBOs.  Later that year on September 12, 1968, the Minister of Municipal Affairs established a committee to look at uniform standards for the entire Province.  The Curruthers Report was produced on January 8, 1970.  With the coming of the new Provincial legislation, TABCC was disbanded.

Formation of TACBOC

Passage of the new Building Code Act provided legislative uniformity but consistency in interpretation and enforcement was missing.  This challenge was first discussed by three Chief Building Officials from the Toronto area; Yaman Uzumeri of North York,  George Fleming of Scarborough and Mike Nixon of Toronto, before attending the annual conference of the Canadian Building Officials' Association held in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland in 1972.  The discussion took place over a coffee during the ferry crossing from PEI to Newfoundland.  The primary purpose for wanting to get together once a month was; “to provide consistent interpretation of the Code provisions” among the six Toronto municipalities.

TACBOC was established shortly after the proclamation of the new Building Code Act in 1974.  Yaman Uzumeri (North York) was TACBOC’s first Chairperson.

TACBOC Expansion

During the late 1980s, TACBOC reached out to seven municipalities adjacent to Metropolitan Toronto and increased its membership to a total of 13 municipalities.  The Director of the Buildings Branch of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing usually attended.  The group met six times each year to confer on issues of particular relevance to the greater urban community around, and including, Toronto.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, attendance at TACBOC was in decline.  At the Spring 2010 Workshop of LMCBO (Large Municipalities Chief Building Officials) in Port Severn, those who were TACBOC members met late in the day to discuss TACBOC’s future.  In early 2011, TACBOC conducted a survey of its membership and it was decided to restructure TACBOC by forming an Executive Committee consisting of one representative from each of the five regions within the GTA: Toronto, Halton, Peel, York and Durham and would at least 8 times per year.  It was also decided to expand TACBOC’s membership to all 25 municipalities within the GTA and to hold an AGM of the entire membership.


In 1999, Tim Moore (CBO of Pickering at that time) created a logo that consisted of thirteen building blocks – each one representing the 13 member municipalities (Ajax, Brampton, Burlington, Clarington, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan, and Whitby).  The blocks stand together, supporting each other, rising up in the shape of an ‘A’ for ‘area’.  There is a ‘T’ for ‘Toronto’ incorporated in the logo.

In 2011 with the expansion of TACBOC, a new logo was recreated by Mike Leonard (Oshawa) acknowledging the original design and colours.  It contains 25 blocks in 5 rows representing the 25 member municipalities and the 5 regions of the GTA.  The upside down ‘T’ for Toronto contains 13 blocks representing the original member municipalities of TACBOC.

TACBOC Advisory Committees

TACBOC has five Advisory Committees.   These Advisory Committees were established originally as Subcommittees to fully address specific areas of the Ontario Building Code and the Building Code Act:

CIAC (Code Interpretation Advisory Committee)

MACIC was established in 1968 before the formation of TACBOC.  It later became one of the first subcommittees of TACBOC.  By 1984, it had been renamed to ‘Metro Area Code Interpretations Committee’ keeping the original acronym.  In 2011, ‘MA’ (Metro Area) was removed and it was renamed ‘CIAC’ (Code Interpretation Advisory Committee) to be consistent with the other Advisory Committees names.  CIAC consists primarily of plans examination staff.

PAC (Plumbing Advisory Committee)

The Metro Area Plumbing Advisory Committee (MAPAC) was established in 1973.  In 2011, ‘MA’ (Metro Area) was removed for consistency with the other Advisory Committees.

MSAC (Mechanical Services Advisory Committee)

MSAC was established in 1974 to focus on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning-related code requirements.

SAC (Structural Advisory Committee)

SAC was formed in the 1970s to focus on the structural aspects of the Building Code.

BIAC (Building Inspection Advisory Committee)

In 1986, the Toronto Area Building Inspection Committee (TABIC) was the last TACBOC Subcommittee to be established that is still in existence today.  Its purpose is to focus on building inspection and construction site issues.  In 2011, ‘Toronto Area’ was removed and it was renamed ‘BIAC’ (Building Inspection Advisory Committee) for consistency with the other Advisory Committees.

TASC (Toronto Area Sign Committee)

In 1991, the Toronto Area Sign Committee (TASC) was formed as a Subcommittee of TACBOC.  Its purpose was to promote consistency of enforcement of signs, share information and try to harmonize municipal sign by-laws.  TASC disbanded a few years later.

TACBOC Website

TACBOC’s first Website was officially established in 1995 (before Google).  In 2000, TACBOC engaged ‘21st Century Documents’ to freshen up the site and to enable the posting of printed documents.  The site then became known as .  In 2009, the website was redesigned to allow submissions (e.g., minutes, standard details, etc.) to its library and for the first time it had a discussion forum.  John Wright (Markham) played a prominent role in TACBOC’s Website.


  • Yaman Uzumeri (North York & Toronto) – 1st Chair
  • George Flemming (Scarborough)
  • Mike Nixon (Toronto)
  • Dan Mousseau (Burlington)
  • John Wright (Markham)
  • Tim Moore (Pickering)
  • Agris Robeznieks (Mississauga)
  • Jim Laughlin (Toronto)
  • Mike Leonard (Oshawa)

TACBOC Achievements to-date

  • Building Bylaw – uniform template,
  • Construction Value – a standard calculation methodology,
  • TACBOC Standard Details – a collection of code compliant standard architectural details,
  • Yearly Survey – comparison of member municipalities’ building and staffing statistics,
  • Advisory Committees – harmonized Terms of Reference, Financial Statements, Action Plans and practice standards.

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